Our Mission

Our Mission

We are a brand of Ralco, a third-generation family owned business. trū Shrimp is focused on sustaining a growing global population with healthy, clean shrimp. It is our social responsibility to exceed food safety standards while limiting our environmental impact.

The State of the Industry

The current state of the industry has led to concern and uncertainty among consumers about where their food comes from and how it is processed. Shrimp ponds, the leading method for raising shrimp, are reaching a maximum capacity due to disease outbreak and using large amounts of unauthorized antibiotics. A Consumer Reports investigation found an alarming rate of imported shrimp containing harmful bacteria and residues of antibiotics, leading to food safety concerns.

Current shrimp aquaculture methods are taxing on the surrounding environment. Shrimp ponds displace massive amounts of water and leave the land unusable after it’s been expended. Ocean caught shrimp has also been shown to negatively impact the surrounding ocean ecosystems. It’s reported that for 1 pound of shrimp there is 20 pounds of bycatch.

With shrimp as the second largest U.S. import, consumers are demanding a better way.


FDA shrimp line refusals related to banned antibiotics in 2015

A Better Way

trū Shrimp is the solution consumers have been looking for. From patented technology created by Texas A&M University, we’ve developed a breakthrough approach that allows us to raise shrimp in the healthiest, safest and most efficient way possible.

Our approach provides a consistent and traceable supply of shrimp to sustain the world’s growing demand. It’s a choice consumers have never had before: safe and affordable shrimp. Shrimp also benefit from our advanced technology that recreates their natural environment, resulting in minimal stress. Our pioneering technology create an efficient, predictable and sustainable source of shrimp.

Learn How trū Shrimp is Building a New Industry

Tidal Basin production models in the Research Center.

Our Promise to the Environment

We are committed to creating sustainable approaches for the world. When designing trū Shrimp, we ensured that our processes were optimized to minimize our impact on the environment. Through advanced water management technology and recycling methods, we are reducing our water usage, waste byproducts and carbon foot print at every turn.