Breakthrough Innovation

Breakthrough Innovation

A Quantum Leap in Technology

Our technology provides safe and healthy shrimp to the doorstep of America. The patented Tidal Basin™ technology is a highly advanced system that allows shrimp to be raised in shallow water. The apex tank recreates the natural ocean currents, focusing on reducing stress and creating an environment where shrimp can thrive. Because of the small footprint, a Tidal Basin™ is able to be stacked and contained within a trū Shrimp Harbor where shrimp are raised and cared for.


Water Management

This allows for waste to be continually removed, feed to be evenly distributed and provides proper aeration for shrimp. Our advanced system creates an environment that improves shrimp health and growth.


Feed Management

Animal nutrition is a key component to maintaining water habitat and ensuring strong, healthy shrimp. Using our years of experience in nutrition from Ralco, we’ve developed optimized nutrition plans, state-of-the-art feeding systems and breakthrough feed management processes to keep trū Shrimp at their peak.

7 million

pounds of shrimp are harvested annually from one harbor.

42 acres

of surface water is contained in one harbor.

A New Standard in Food Safety

Tidal Basin™ technology creates a controlled habitat where all environmental conditions are monitored and adjusted for optimal health and safety. Every shrimp can be traced throughout the production process, and through biosecurity practices, consumers can trust trū Shrimp are treated with the utmost care.

Hear About Our Innovation in Food Safety and Biosecurity

Rethinking Sustainability

Our system is built with sustainability in mind. trū Shrimp Systems allows for raw materials such as water, waste and shrimp molts to be reused through every step of the process. Advanced water management processes enhance recycling and reduce water usage. The stackable Tidal Basin™ innovation enables us to maximize output while reducing the amount of space needed. We also recycle pristine molts from the shrimp for reuse in biomedical products. We are dedicated to ensuring our technologies are sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible.

The Vanguard of Shrimp Research

At trū Shrimp, we are continually reimagining and discovering the best ways to raise and grow shrimp. We believe in the importance of ongoing research to optimize our feed, growing environments and safe handling of shrimp. Our passion to discover is the reason why we created a state-of-the-art research center to assist our partners.

At the research center, our staff of expert scientists continually test new diet plans, water management practices and shrimp nutrition to promote health and protect against disease. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of safe shrimp production.