Contract Research

Contract Research

trū Shrimp is focused on improving the shrimp aquaculture industry beyond our own systems. We partner with other industries and companies through contract research to help prove products for the advancement of shrimp aquaculture.

Our Capabilities

Clear-Water Research

The facility contains 144 clear-water research tanks designed for 11 inches of water depth. Each tank has individual feeders and the ability for variable aeration and salinity.

Biofloc Research

The facility contains 36 Biofloc tanks with variable aeration, salinity and individual feeders.

Production Tidal Basins

The facility contains 2 production-sized tidal basins that mimic the basins found in a trū Shrimp Harbor.

State-of-the-art Laboratories

Chemistry, feed and animal research laboratories are available on-site with state-of-the-art equipment.

Research Design

Research design services and analysis services by our expert staff are available.

Controlled Environment

The research center is staffed daily and the environment is a consistent 86˚ F and 50% humidity.



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