Safe & Abundant Shrimp for the World

3 times

More shrimp consumed by Americans vs. 35 years ago.

1.6 billion

Pounds of shrimp
consumed annually in U.S.

80% of

U.S. shrimp are imported

The New Standard of Shrimp

trū™ Shrimp has redefined shrimp aquaculture with our revolutionary technology. We raise the safest, cleanest, most natural shrimp possible through a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach. We have created a new paradigm of food safety that provides consumers with unprecedented transparency and traceability. Consumers know where their shrimp come from and how they were raised.


Our patented Tidal Basin™ technology creates a natural, low-stress environment where shrimp thrive.

Safe &
Natural Food

We reimagined shrimp production to meet the food safety standards of tomorrow. Our bio-secure facilities protect shrimp from disease and predators.

Environmentally Responsible

Our sustainable approach to raising shrimp utilizes efficient water management systems. We recycle nearly 100% of our water and waste.